Jewish Advertising, Simplified

The Jewish Content Network makes it easy to run your Jewish Advertising campaigns accross an entire network of digital Jewish advertising solutions.

The Unique Challenges
of Jewish Advertising

There are some specialized requirements when it comes to advertising to the Jewish World. We can help.

Niche Audience

It can be harder to target a Jewish audience using traditional digital marketing methods like Facebook or Google. 

Specialized Creatives

There is a unique visual and written language necessary for placing ads that will appeal to a niche Jewish audience, as well as specific sensitive issues that must be taken into account for each segment.

Fragmented Network

Two Jews, three opinions. The online Jewish Advertising space is comprised of many individual resources and platforms of various sizes. It can be hard to connect with each seperately.

Fuzzy Pricing

It’s a marketplace. When placing ads to a Jewish audience and buying dirctly from the publishers, it can be difficult to figure out what prices are – or if you’re getting the best rates.  

The Jewish Advertising Experts

We’ve been placing ads for Jewish advertisers for years now, with a deep understanding of the methods and needs of advertising to a niche Jewish audience. 

We have an established relationship with dozens of websites, social media platforms, email lists, social groups, and all other forms of connecting to your Jewish audience at the place where they prefer to consume their content and are most likely to see your ad.


Satisfied Advertisers

Partner Publishers

Ads Views Every Month

Jewish Ads: Real World Results

If you’re looking to place ads targeting a Jewish audience, you probably have specific concerns and needs in mind. What platforms are the best place to advertise on? What types of creative should I use? Where should I be sending people to, and what should the messaging be on the pages they land on?

We know this may be your first time advertising the to the Jewish world, and even if you’re a veteran, you have a lot on your plate. We are hear to advise, assist, and simplify the heavy lifting required to get your next campaign off the ground – from strategy, to creative, to performance analysis.


Some common questions about advertising

What are some examples of places I can advertise?

A popular choice for many advertisers is Yeshiva World News, with millions of monthly visitors and competitive rates. Other examples might include news websites like Israel National News or JPost.

What does it cost to advertise to the Jewish world?

We offer an array of ad products and pricing options to fit every marketing campaign and budget. Check out our pricing pages here, and keep in mind that advertising packages can save you a lot of money, so be sure to speak to one of our agents who can negotiate the best deals on your behalf.

Our Blog

As leaders in the Jewish Advertising industry, we are always looking to share new trends, insights, recommendations and strategies to help you grow you business and share your message with a Jewish audience.

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Real World Jewish Advertising Case Studies

We worked with these advertisers to grow their business using creative and innovative advertising methods customized for the Jewish world. 


Driving thousands to their website.

Vacation Retreat

Creative WhatsApp advertising hack.

Insurance Agency

Lead generation marketing strategy.

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