Incredible Results for Last Minute Retreat Using This WhatsApp Marketing Hack

This week, we were contacted by a frantic organizer of a Yeshiva Week retreat.

They had already booked the rooms and reserved the amenities, but despite over $1,000 spent on print ads, they had gotten zero interest.

We stepped in, and despite a very limited remaining budget, proceeded to save the day.

We hooked the client up with Jewish Content Network Inner Page Article ads, and linked the ads to WhatsApp. When someone clicked on the ad, WhatsApp on their device opens and starts a chat with the organizer. The message starts pre-filled with predetermined text: “I’d like to learn more about your Yeshiva Week getaway”, all they had to do was hit “send”.


Within minutes of turning the campaign on, they had their first lead, and they quickly generated 67 leads on a fraction of their original print ad budget. If they had been able to properly plan their campaign and launch it with more time to spare, it might have generated even more interest!

Here’s a real screenshot of the client’s feedback:

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Chaim Chernoff is the Chief Marketing Officer at the Jewish Content Network. Always on the lookout for latest digital marketing trends, Chaim aims to help businesses expand their presence and grow their business in the digital world.  Do you have marketing questions? Send an email to: chaim@jcn.io or chat on WhatsApp