Use Case: How Kosher.com Drew Thousands to Their Website

Kosher.com is the most popular cooking website in the frum world. They regularly use the Jewish Content Network to promote their content to Jewish readers online. Their approach is strategic and systematic, and serves as a great example of a well-run marketing campaign.


It all starts with knowing your audience. Kosher.com keeps a close tab on their most popular content, who their audience is and what they are interested in, and where their audience chooses to access their content. Keeping a close watch on your analytics can help you remain focused and targeted when you run your campaigns.

Taking things a step further, Kosher.com actually emailed out a survey to their audience, asking them what content they’d most be interested in seeing.

They promptly created that content with their audience in mind, aligning their own offering with the customer’s needs: Sending out an email survey asking their their audience what recipes they were most interested in seeing, the team found that Latkes won hands down.


The team at Kosher.com had two of their star chefs, Danielle Renov and Rorie Weisberg, create recipes for Latkes, and then tested to see which piece of content would be best received. They tested multiple versions of their ads, and found that the ones with a strong call to action – “watch” at the beginning of the headline, generated the most clicks.  

We’re happy to note that there were discrepancies between different ads, but the best performing ads for both Danielle and Rorie actually performed almost identically well. Good job both of them!


From the outset, Kosher.com knew that the goal was to drive as much traffic to their content as possible, in a short period of time. The metric therefore, was clicks, and every part of the campaign’s testing structured around that.

Based on that goal, their campaign was a resounding success, generating an incredible click through rate (CTR) on their ads and driving over 3,500 people to their website in just two days.

To us, this is a classic example of marketing done right, an example which we recommend all campaigns follow. It’s not enough to simply throw money into ads, a good campaign should have research, testing, and goals just like Kosher.com’s.

At the Jewish Content Network, we are here to help you do just that, and make your online advertising to the Jewish world as successful as possible. Contact us today to start advertising!