Tisha B'Av Inspirational Films 2021

One Day, Four Websites

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Unprecedented Interest

Tisha B’Av is traditionally a time where people turn their attention inward, consuming meaningful content from within their own home.

Every year, key content providers in the Jewish world choose to broadcast their offerings to hundreds of thousands of viewers who frequent the Jewish world’s largest news sites.

This year promises to be the largest yet, as more people than ever will be choosing to get their entire Tisha B’Av content and inspiration completely online.

The Jewish Content Network has aligned four of the biggest online Jewish news sites into one centralized platform to broadcast your content. Your ads will be published on the homepages of all four sites, which could very well surprase one million visits over the course of the day.

Even before the day begins, your content will be shared in promotional articles on the various sites, building a buzz towards the launch.

Sites include:

  • The Yeshiva World
  • Vos Iz Neias
  • The Lakewood Scoop
  • Matzav
Tisha B’Av 2021 will begin on Motzei Shabbos, July 17 and ends in the evening of Sunday, July 18. 

Featured Advertisers

This year’s offerings will include the following content offerings from recognized names in the Jewish world.
To join their ranks and be viewed by hundreds of thousands of Jews on Tisha B’av, contact us here.

Project Inspire

Project Witness

Aleph Beta


Flatbush Tisha B’Av Program

Ohr Na’ava


Asher to the Yatzar


Ohr Someyach

OU Live Webcast

Rabbi Azi Gendelman