These Are Our Most Requested and Highest Performing Ad Products

At the Jewish Content Network, we offer dozens of advertising products across an array of publishers and media types. It can be confusing at times to know what ad best suits your specific advertising campaign, and this is a key part of how we help our clients – identifying the best ad product and budget allocation for your specific needs.

In this article, we’ll review some of the top product types and specific publishers that offer them, which past campaigns have seen a lot of success with. This will give you an overview of what is effective and help you hone in on the best ads for your campaign.

PR Blasts / Articles

Articles are a great way to get a lot of exposure to your message in a short period of time. The JCN Dashboard allows you to easily schedule your articles to go live at a specific time, and they automatically get published on the appropriate website. Your article will be one of the top stories on the site, drawing organic readers to it, and as new stories come in the article will move down, and eventually off, the homepage.

The top websites that our advertising are placing articles on are:

  • Yeshiva World News
  • Vos Iz Neias
  • Matzav
  • The Lakewood Scoop
  • Arutz Sheva

Banner Ads

Banners have long been the mainstay of online advertising. Strong visuals and the ability to communicate through a series of images by incorporating animation, makes this a go-to choice for many campaigns. Some visual ads can actually be created more simply with the help of a headline and a basic image. These “native ads” are easy to create and get a lot of clicks because they resemble the type of content (articles) that people are used to consuming on a website.

The most popular ad types include:

  • JCN Inner page native ad – appears beneath the articles of dozens of Jewish content sites
  • JCN Homepage native ad – appears on the homepage of some of the biggest Jewish websites
  • JCN Mobile Popup – a strong visual banner that appears on mobile devices, this ad is hard to ignore!
  • Vos Iz Neias 300X250 square banner ad
  • Yeshiva World 1030X60
  • Yeshiva World 300X250

WhatsApp Advertising

Whatsapp is one of the most popular – and effective – ways to advertise to the frum world right now. Thousands of people use whatsapp multiple times a day, and sharing your content on a popular group can get it tremendous exposure. There is also potential virality to your post, since it’s so easy to share content amongst other contacts and groups in WhatsApp. Another popular WhatsApp advertising method is using status, which will make your ad visible for 24 hours and easy to click through to a destination of your choosing.

The top places people are choosing to advertise right now are:

  • Yeshiva World – WhatsApp status and groups
  • Vos is Neias  – WhatsApp group
  • SimchaSpot WhatsApp Status
  • Meaningful Minutes – WhatsApp Status


Instagram ads have been popular ad choices for several years now. With strong visuals and a huge following amongst the top publishers, Instagram remains a great way to gain brand awareness and remain top of mind especially for organizations, service providers, and local  businesses.

Simcha Spot and Only Simchas are two of the best choices for Instagram posts, with tens of thousands of followers each.

Email Blasts

Emails are a great way to get your message to a large group of targeted people in a very short period of time. Since most people on an email blast are usually united by a common interest selecting the right email blast can make a huge difference to a campaign’s success.

One great choice is Kosher.com’s email blast, which reaches a dedicated readership of Jewish women who look to it to receive updates on quality cooking and homemaking needs.

Looking to find the right ad products for your specific campaign? Talk to us today for strategic advice and package discounts.