The Power of Seven – Marketing Through Repetition

Aiming for Top of Mind

When it comes to successful marketing, it’s all about repetition.

These days, people are so bombarded by information that it’s very difficult to make an impact, to influence their choices or buying habits, with a single click.

The exception might be if you happen to reach someone exactly at the moment they have a pressing need. But if you’re trying to establish yourself as a brand, or be “top of mind” for people, it takes more.

It takes repeated exposure to your message to get people to take action. One rule that attempts to quantify this is “the Power of Seven”, coined by Dr. Jeffrey Lant. The premise is, it takes people seven interactions with your brand before they are ready to buy.

Whether the number seven is actually the magic number can be debated, but one thing is clear from the entire advertising world: repetition works.

So, what are some ways to reach people? These days there are more channels than ever before.

Think about it – in the old days you had to put yourself on a billboard or a newspaper. These days, with platforms like the Jewish Content Network, you can place an ad in the palm of a person’s hand in seconds – for pennies.

We’ve compiled a list of ways you can promote your brand and work towards your own rule of seven:

Social media

People spend hours a day on social media. By posting helpful, engaging, or entertaining content, you can build a following that you can then utilize into to grow your business.

In the Frum community, Instagram is a particularly popular social media channel we recommend you tap into. The JCN Instagram marketplace has multiple channels where you can place promoted Instagram ads.


Whether in print news or online, content that combines informative news with promoting your brand is a tried-and-true method of establishing credibility and getting exposure quickly.  Press releases have specific formats and distribution channels to help you quickly get the word out to journalists – and the JCN allows you to get an article on the front page of some of the biggest Jewish News sites in a matter of hours.

Display ads

Pictures have long been one of the most powerful ways to have an impact on people. Available in a variety of sizes, display ads are commonly displayed on websites, apps, and mobile devices to link to places of your choice.

Whether it’s part of your social media campaign, or banner ads placed on different sites, a banner ad campaign can lead to solid results. We recommend experimenting with different designs to see which works, refreshing the designs often to keep things fresh.

The Jewish content network offers a variety of sites where you can publish your banner ads, including full-screen pop ups on mobile devices.


A well-written article can go a long way towards establishing credibility and educating your potential clients. Content marketing has become a cornerstone of internet marketing. Often time people are unwilling to buy right away, and need to be slowly nurtured into clients by continuously educating them and providing value. The idea is, if you provide enough value to people, they become more willing to give back when you eventually ask them for value in return.

This is the concept behind the Jewish Content Network content ads – to create simple, compelling ads that revolve around arresting headlines. By adding your content on the homepage and below articles of Jewish content sites, you can organically draw clients from those sites towards your own business.

Email marketing

Last but not least, email marketing is one of the most effective ways to reach people. People respond more to an email in their inbox than pretty much any form of advertising. We recommend you start building your own list today, and, if you need to supercharge your list, we offer paid email blasts to thousands of targeted subscribers to the news websites of your choice. That way you can pick your audience, and deliver your message in your inbox.

In conclusion, repeat messaging is key to getting your content in front of people. There are multiple channels with which to do so, and the JCN can help you supercharge your reach with a variety of solutions. Start your campaign today!