Jewish Content Network Advertising Standards

The following guidelines are intended to help advertisers create ads that comply with the needs of our audience.
Violating these terms will result in the ads being rejected by the moderator, and in the case of repeat violations, the suspension of an advertiser’s account.
The standards of modesty vary even within the Orthodox community, and as such require personal judgement. Ask yourself, “is this ad fitting for the majority of the people who visit the sites these ads are on?”If your ad is fine for women, but might be deemed inappropriate for men, you should not try to run it on a site with significant number of male visitors.
Your ad’s image and headline must be in alignment with the content they are linking to. If your ad references something that is not in the page people are clicking to, or misleads people to think they’ll be reading or seeing one thing when they end up seeing something else, your ad could get banned.
Like Tznius, keeping your ads non-offensive means using common sense. Ultimately, your ad should not offend any group or individual.
Truth and honesty
The ad and its destination site must not mislead, make false statements, or in any way knowingly deceive its viewers and visitors. This includes making unsubstantiated claims, engaging in any illegal behavior, or otherwise engaging in immoral behavior.
Note, the same standards that apply to the ad itself also apply to the destination. Just as the ad must be modest,not misleading, not offensive, and honest, the destination it links to must fit this criteria as well.
The Jewish Content Network reserves the right to reject any ad as seen fit.