How Long do Impressions Last?

You’ve bought impressions. Your excited to start getting new leads for your business. But you want to know, how long will those impressions last you?

We wish there was a simple answer.

But the problem is, this is entirely dependent on supply and demand. If less people visit the sites you’re advertising on, or if there are lots of other advertisers also advertising at this specific time, there will be less opportunities to show your ad.

So your impressions might distribute faster or slower than you might like. The good news though, is that since you’re paying per impression, you’ll only be “charged” for an actual result – your ad being shown.

For trivia’s sake, at the time of writing this article, an average ad distributes about 25,000 impressions per day. Now you can just do the math on how long your impressions should last. But again, this could change at any time, based on a variety of factors.

Huge advertising platforms like Google and Facebook never promise a specific number of impressions per dollar either, because it’s just impossible to predict.

A better question might be – what are you trying to accomplish?

We offer two tools that can help you manage your campaigns, and accomplish two of the most common goals:

“I want to use up my impressions as quickly as possible”

This is particularly common if you have a time sensitive campaign where you want to “blitz” everyone with news about your fundraiser or sale. For that, we offer the “boost” feature, where you can pay more per impression in return for getting priority.

You’re essentially paying more per impression to jump to the front of the advertising line. Since you are working with a fixed initial budget, you’ll actually see the number of impressions at your disposal dropping, because your impressions are costing more.

Bear in mind that this also has its own limitations. If too many people choose to boost their posts, you’ll be pretty much where you started at, which is why we limit the number of campaigns that can be boosted. So if you’re trying to boost your campaign but the slider won’t move at all, or gets stuck at a certain point, it’s because there are too many other people in priority at that point.

“I want to make sure my impressions last me until a certain date”

We get it. You don’t want to blow your entire budget in one afternoon. Using our “scheduled end date” option, you can make sure your impressions distribute evently until a certain date. We even do the math for you as to how many impressions we expect that to be per day.

Please note though, that this guarantee that we won’t finish your impressions before a certain day. But we can’t always guarantee that we’ll be able to distribute all of them. You may find yourself at the campaign end date with some impressions left over, at which point you’re welcome to use them on new ads with a new end date.

In conclusion

As a general word of advice, the best thing to do is keep a close eye on your campaign. You may want to start with a smaller budget initially, and log in to your dashboard once a day to check in and see how your campaign is doing. There won’t be any drastic changes happening day to do, and over time you’ll learn the rhythms of the system.

This is exactly what paid advertising professionals should be doing for you if you paid them – the JCN is simple and user-friendly enough that you can can monitor your campaign by yourself.