Episode 1: Creating a Positive Company Culture with Mrs. Chayale Kaufman

Mrs. Chayale Kaufman the CEO of Jewish Content Network advertising takes us through her remarkable career, tells us how it all began, gives us the insider perspective on Jewish advertising, reveals the secret to great workplace culture, and much more!

Welcome to the Jewish Business Insider, a new podcast brought to you by Jewish Content Network advertising. Here on the Jewish Business Insider we celebrate the personalities, perspectives, and innovation which shape our unique ecosystem: the world of the outstanding Jewish professional. Hosted By podcaster Tani G, and Yoshi Falber CEO of The Chesed Fund, we sit down for a long form discussion with new, exciting guests every week. In each episode we talk business, Torah, news, philosophy, personal stories, best and worst career moments, and lessons learned. Get the Insider Insight, and come a way a better professional yourself with tips and tools you can apply today, only on the Jewish Business Insider.

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