Easily Advertise to The Jewish World

Our passion and ultimate vision is to streamline Jewish advertising. Our aim is to connect advertisers with highly credible social influencers and quality web publishsers.

We strive to bring effortless advertising and satisfy any of your marketing services.

Our goal has always been to improve our industry and we resolved to create change. To bring the best that the digital marketing world had to offer and make it easy to advertise to the Jewish world online.

A myriad of Websites

The Jewish Content Network is just that, a network of the top Jewish publishers, aggregated into one place. From massive websites, like aish.com, The Yeshiva World, arutz 7, and dozens more; to multiple popular Instagram accounts, there are hundreds of thousands of potential viewers waiting to see your ads.

We are constantly working to add new platforms, new products, and new placements to give our users more advertising choices. Our team is available to train you on using the dashboard and advise you on the best ad products for your needs, but with the Jewish Content Network you’ll be empowered to know exactly where your money is going, and your ads too, for that matter.

Join the revolution, and launch your first ad with us today. See how easy it is to go from idea to the front page of the Jewish world in less than 10 minutes.

Simple dashboard

It all starts in the dashboard, which makes it easy to create campaigns, define your budget, add your graphics, and pick which sites you want to appear on. Digital marketing isn’t rocket science, but it can get complex and it can be tedious. We wanted to empower non-technical users to still be able to run their own campaigns and gauge their results.

We’re constantly working to streamline our dashboard, and are in the process of a complete redesign with the end-user in mind.

Screenshot of new and improved advertising dashboard

Multiple ad types

There are a lot of different ways people choose to advertise online. In the Jewish world, Instagram is a highly effective form of advertising. Banner ads are the tried-and-true method that are timeless popular. And when we introduced the innovative Communicated Content posts that served ads in the form of articles, we found those to be incredibly effective.

The Jewish Content Network dashboard makes it easy to choose from all these types of ads, and more, and instantly know the pricing, placement, and specs of each ad. No more emailing multiple sites for media kits and price quotes. Whether it’s a banner ad, email blast, or sponsored tweet, there’s a plethora of choices for you to select from for your digital marketing campaign.

Pro tip: use the A/B testing capabilities of the platform to test multiple variations of your ad. In the example below, we tried different colored backgrounds on our otherwise identical ads. The ones with the blue and orange backgrounds performed the worst, and we turned it off.