Reflecting on 3 Amazing Years: Chayale Kaufman, CEO and Founder of The Jewish Content Network

This company started with a vision to distribute content online, a Jewish version of Taboola or Outbrain. The idea was to be able to spread news and advertisements online, through content, with the click of a button.

Our goal was create a revolution in online advertising. To build software that enabled advertisers to buy their own ad space, and be seen, everywhere, instantly. Fast and easy. With or without even talking to a human.

We quickly realized that the powerful yet easy-to-use tool we’d built had the potential for much more. People wanted banner ads, they wanted articles published, they wanted to be on influencer Instagram accounts. So we kept building and doing just that.

Our first couple months were brutal. We were doing something no one had done before; introducing concepts no one knew about or understood. There were a lot of questions: “How do we get our message across? How do we get the necessary buy in?”

But we hit the ground running with everything we had. Looking back, I marvel at how obsessed I was. I was pushing the Jewish Content Network on anything that moved: “This is the future, you’ve got to be in, we’re gonna change the way the Jewish online advertising world does business.” I used to laugh at myself, “You sound crazy! , like a broken record.” I couldn’t stir a pot without pitching someone on the Jewish Content Network.

We spent so much effort educating people, giving crash courses, tutorials, creating videos and articles on how to use this new system.

And it’s paid off.

People love it, they log in on their own to buy and upload their own media every day. We have a 24 hour live chat available for users day and night.
Millions of dollars are purchased yearly through the system and publishers are making money while they sleep.

We’ve simplified and democratized the process – anyone can run a campaign, no matter their budget size.

I think we owe our success to our obsessive belief in our idea and our amazing team of developers, sales and support staff. How else could we have forced ourselves into the market without knowing we were 100% ready, taking a risk without knowing it would pay off? Success is due to our obsessive commitment to customer support and satisfaction, and this would not be possible without an amazingly positive, supportive team.

I’m proud we had this vision for the future, and that we fought so hard to make it a reality.

I’m proud of our amazing sales reps, who work tirelessly to assist those who need help budgeting, deciding and purchasing.

We’re not the type to stop, to say “we’re doing ok, let’s take a break now”. We’ll keep advancing, adding new tools and products, making it easier and easier for agencies and advertisers to advertise online.

Our company is constantly adding new advertising products to what has become a one-stop marketplace for online Jewish advertising. Meanwhile, our flagship product, the Sponsored Content ad unit that appears on over a dozen massive websites, is a mainstay of almost every campaign we run.

The Jewish Content Network is growing exponentially. We’re not stopping, and we’re so glad you’ve joined us for the ride.

To learn more about advertising opportunities with the Jewish Content Network, email ads@jewishcontentnetwork.com

Chayale Kaufman is the Founder of the Jewish Content Network. Always on the lookout for latest digital marketing trends, Chayale aims to help businesses expand their presence and grow their business in the digital world.