What is a Yidooah Page Inner Page Article?

If you’ve bought ads before, chances are you contacted a specific publisher, like a website, and asked to place an ad on their website. One ad, one website.

Yidooah’s inner page article offers a unique advertising opportunity: buy an ad once and get it placed on multiple websites. This means more exposure for you, with less work – you create an ad just once, and get access to a much larger audience than any single website can offer.


How it Works

Yidooah’s Inner Page Article ad is powered by sophisticated yet easy to use dashboard where you can manage your ads.

When you purchase an ad, you get a certain amount of credits, which represent the amount of times that your ad will appear on a website. The industry term for these “views” is called CPM, cost per thousand impressions.

A Yidooah Inner Page Article costs $1 CPM, which means every $1 gets you 1,000 of your ad. You pay upfront, get your credit, and this credit only diminishes when your ad actually loads on a website.

Here are some of the webites your ad can instantly appear on:

  • The Yeshiva World
  • VIN News
  • Matzav.com
  • Aish.com
  • Simcha Spot
  • Only Simchas
  • COL Live

Running an Ad

So, once you’ve paid for an ad, how do you run it? A Yidooah ad is particularly simple to create, and does not require you to hire a graphic artist to create your ad.

Instead, you can simply upload a photo, a catchy headline, and the link you want visitors to go to when they click on your ad, and you are ready to go.

There are several key advantages to this approach:

  • You save on the cost and time of a graphic artist
  • Your ad actually looks like an article on a website, which can lead to more clicks than a regular banner ad.
  • Your ad automatically gets styled to match ever website it appears on, which can also increase the amount of clicks it receives.

Here are some examples of Yidooah ads on different websites. Notice how they look slightly different on each website, to match that site’s design. At the same time, you can see how a single ad can simultaneously appear in both places.

Managing your campaign

When you run a Yidooah Inner Page campaign, you have control of every aspect of your campaign. You can decide which websites you actually want your ads to appear on. You can control where in the world your ads get shown (for example, only to site visitors who are located in New York). And you can experiment with multiple designs to see which works best.

Throughout your entire campaign, you’ll have access to detailed analytics about how your ads are performing, allowing you to make educated decisions to optimize your campaign for maximum ROI on your marketing budget.