Terms and Conditions


Our commitment is to show ads on the page. Due to the placement of ads, we cannot guarantee that an ad will even be seen on a given page load. We also don’t guarantee clicks or campaign results. There are a myriad of factors involved in what makes a good campaign, all of which are out of our control. Advertisers take full responsibility for the success, or lack thereof, of their campaigns.


Our responsibility is to ensure all campaigns are displaying correctly once a campaign is turned on. We are not responsible for turning a campaign on or off, defining end dates, media, target sites, or any other campaign parameter. All of these are accessible to end clients or their emissaries on the JCN dashboard. Even if an agent has chosen to assist a client with these tasks, it doesn’t not constitute a commitment for future assistance. We are committed to making sure you know how to use every tool on the dashboard yourself, but not necessarily to doing it for you.


All conflicts will be settled in Rabbinic meditation with the Baltimore Beis Din, outside a court of law.