Our Secret Formula to Planning Wildly Successful Advertising Campaigns

We talk endlessly about strategy.

Because it’s so common for people to run campaigns without having one.

And without a strategy, you don’t know what ad products best suit your needs, you don’t know what your ads should say, and you don’t know how to measure success.

When we work with clients to formulate their strategy, we have a three step process we apply to each campaign. It forms a core part of our proposals, and essentially serves as a simple business plan to help guide the campaign towards success.

We highly recommend you run with this idea in your own business, and ask the all-important questions it takes formulate a great vision – and a great campaign.

Our three steps that we recommend for each campaign are:

1. Goal

This is the most important part. Why are you advertising? Do you want general brand awareness? Are you trying to get people to buy right now? Maybe you’re working on a middle approach, educating viewers until they are ready to buy.

Your definition of success, and the tactics you choose, can vary greatly depending on the goal you have in mind.

2. Execution

With your goal in mind, what do you need to execute successfully? How is your web presence? Will you be sending people to your website or a dedicated landing page? Do you need to create any special offers to entice people to take action?

If your campaign will be lasting several weeks, how will you make sure it doesn’t get stale? Will you be changing the messaging over the course of its duration?

3. Budget

With all that in place, you can now come up with a realistic budget – and proper allocation. If you’re running a campaign across multiple channels for a month, chances are $500 won’t cut it.  If you’re trying to get people to click through to your online store, an Instagram post that can’t be clicked on might not be the best choice.

We are always available to help guide you through the correct budget size and allocation – but the more clarity you have regarding your goal and execution, the better all these parts will fit together. On may occasions, we have changed our default suggestions and best practice recommendations for clients who came to use with a strong conviction about the type of campaign they needed.

So contact us today with your vision – or for help creating one.

chayale Kaufman

Chayale Kaufman is the Founder of the Jewish Content Network.

For over 15 years, she has built strong relationships with advertisers, publishers, and media buyers. Her greatest passion is to empower businesses and organizations with success by ensuring that their ad campaigns are executed flawlessly. Contact her with any advertising question by clicking here.