Lessons Learned from KosherFest

This year, the Jewish Content Network had its own booth at KosherFest!

It was great seeing so many of our clients at one of the premiere business destinations of the year. And we got to hand out hundreds of Phone Card Wallets, which, although not edible like most of the offerings at KosherFest, are undeniably useful.

Always looking to learn from every experience, here are some insights we took away from this year’s KosherFest.

Get Yourself Seen

We’ve been to KosherFest before, as participants. We’d go around and try to sell our ad services to vendors, and were met with more limited success.

When you have a booth, you are there to sell, not be sold to. And so it was when we turned the tables and set up shop, that many people approached us with interest about advertising online to the Jewish world.

With your business too, the dream of every company is to have people approach them, instead of them approaching others. This, in a sense, is what advertising is all about. Just as the bigger and more central your booth, the more attention you’ll get; and the same thing applies to your ad.

Personal is Better

People are busy. There have been potential clients we’ve wanted to meet for months but couldn’t get ahold of. Then boom, we’re schmoozing at KosherFest. There’s a power to real-world connection and the right circumstance.

As much as possible in the digital arena, you can try to emulate this. Speaking to your clients in their own language and having all your creatives aligned to the same message, builds trust. And marketing to them at a time and place where they find your ad relevant is as close as you can get to meeting them in person.

A great example of this is a client of ours who does last wills and testaments – and runs his ads on Nichum Aveilim pages.

It’s all about follow up

making a million connections and handing out and collecting tons of business cards is all good and fun. But the real work starts after the event is over, and your success will be based on how well you follow up and develop relationships with your leads.

This also applies to online marketing. Running an ad and capturing a lead is just the first step. How well you follow up – whether in person or via a drip marketing campaign, will ultimately determine your long-term results.  

This is where having a good CRM to keep yourself organized, can be instrumental in your success.  We recommend Pipedrive.

So there you have it. Get yourself a virtual “booth”; make yourself seen, helpful, and relevant; and make sure to follow up, and you’ll be taking concrete steps to running a successful advertising campaign. See you next year at KosherFest!

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