Learn all about the ‘JCN Inner Page Advertising’ Unit

Our goal is simple. Create solutions through technology and harness the power of automation.

Our digital advertising tools have enabled thousands of Advertisers to gain easy access to some of the most powerful and influential Publishers on the web. This custom technology has saved Advertisers significantly. One of our products we are most proud of is the ‘JCN Inner Page’ Ad Unit:

(Image Above) A news style ad that appears below existing articles on dozens of Jewish websites 

Prior to the introduction of the JCN inner page ad unit,  Advertisers would spend weeks preparing and coordinating with each Publisher to figure out rates, placement, and availability. Hours would be spent playing phone tag and coordinating the actual live placement. We believed there must be a better way and developed the basic inner page unit. This allowed us to secure strategic placement on publisher websites and give the publishers a way to easily monetize each page view. This unit allowed advertiser to focus on his campaign and allow the publisher to do what they do best and generate page views.

We have been hard at work at building the next digital solutions for some great companies and will be sharing the progress here on this blog as we go along.

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