JCN Tech Firm Helps Artscroll and the Mesorah Heritage Foundation with Record Breaking Campaign

When a huge company like Artscroll and the Mesorah Heritage Foundation asks you to create a website for an important fundraiser and it has to be up and running and completely functional in 3 days, most people shake their heads and say “it can’t be done.”

But not the team at JCN Technology.

They were approached on a Monday night by Artscroll and the Mesorah Heritage Foundation who was getting ready for a big fundraiser in conjunction with the Baltimore community to dedicate a volume of the Schottenstein Edition Talmud Yerushalmi Chagigah l’zecher nishmas Rabbi Meir Zlotowitz, z”l.

Artscroll and the Mesorah Heritage Foundation wanted to create a fundraising website to raise money for this initiative, but they found that their internal structure wasn’t working out and the deadline for the new website was that Friday at 12 am.

So they reached out to JCN with their dilemma – they had just 3 days and they needed a fully functional fundraising website to be built from scratch. For reference, it usually takes about a month to create such a website. If you went to their website on September 18, 2017, you’d see that JCN was successful.

They spent hours writing the code (which included a complicated algorithm to allow people to pick a donation tier and also break down their donation into monthly payments) and designing the front of the website that users would see and interact with. And within a few weeks, the money for the volume was raised, so the website was a success!

JCN Technology is a start-up tech firm located in Baltimore, MD that specializes in building websites for any and everything. They are responsible for creating websites such as theyeshivaworld.com, onlysimchas.com, simchaspot.com, thechesedfund.com, and many, many more.

JCN Technology is committed to building clean, modern websites quickly and efficiently, and they provide all the training to their clients so that the clients can maintain their websites going forward.

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