JCN Releases Two New Awesome Commercials – Have you Seen them yet?

Good content marketing usually comes from the tortoises, not the hares. Run a marathon, not a sprint. Businesses that quick-fix and repurpose marketing materials or product features into “white papers” or tip sheets, no matter how well camouflaged, are not building a relationship or reputation with their target audiences. Our digital advertising tools have enabled thousands of Advertisers to gain easy access to some of the most powerful and influential Publishers on the web. This custom technology has saved Advertisers significantly. For advertisers, sponsored content has grown more popular in the past few years as a way to combat low conversion rates on banner ads and engage consumers with richer content experiences. As the quality, relevance, and reader value of branded content (typically in the form of advertorials, video or podcasts with the publication’s look and feel), has continually improved, so has consumer acceptance and response.

Check out the latest JCN Commercials below:

The Unbelievable Cat:

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