JCN Releases Opt-in Feature to Test Upcoming Dashboard Update

To start off the 2018 year right, The Jewish Content Network (JCN) has announced a Opt-in Feature to the latest update of their popular ‘AD Dashboard’ and it includes a great way to manage advertising on the go with their sleek mobile first approach.

“After months of planning, R&D, hard work and diligence, we are letting our users opt in and take a first glance at the new advertising dashboard ” says Chaim Chernoff, CTO at the Ad Tech company, Jewish Content Network.

The Jewish Content Network (JCN) was launched in 2015 as the first  Jewish Ad Marketplace.It has thus become the AD exchange that most advertisers and agencies use while placing marketing campaigns.

Screenshot of new and improved advertising dashboard

“Our goal has always been to find a solution that streamlines the complicated logistics of buying and selling digital advertising space. The logistics before the advent of our ad platform was tedious, scattered and required many manual processes. We have aimed to cut down and simplify the steps. By using the Jewish Content Network, we enable the advertiser to save time on logistics and in turn allow them to focus on the important question of ‘are they clicking?’ continues Chernoff.

In addition to providing ease of access for advertisers trying to reach a Jewish audience, JCN has a very strong publisher program where it gives any website or social media influencer the ability to sell ‘shout outs’ and additional advertising products.

“It’s been rewarding giving publishers an additional means of income. they just list their products on our marketplace and advertisers have the choice to work with top Jewish influencers almost instantly ” states Chayele Kaufman, CEO, at Jewish Content Network.

“The publishers we allow on the JCN are of the highest caliber and we choose only their most strategic and effective placements. It’s really incredible to be able to connect advertisers with top  inlfuncers and publishers” concludes Kaufman.

The Jewish Content Networks aims to complete the transition of its newest dashboard by the end of 2018.

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