How We used LiveStreams to generate 1,000% ROI

Boring campaigns don’t work.

Launching a charity and just asking people to please donate, will do almost nothing.

A successful campaign requires creativity, and you need to be testing your creative assumptions in real life.

Case in point: we were doing a pre-campaign launch and realized it was not performing well. It was a few days before the campaign was scheduled to launch, and I was a mess (I take our client’s success very personally).

We were wracking our brains to try figure out a creative solution, and then it came to us.

Our ad platform, JCN, had recently created a very popular product which enables live-streamed events to be played as advertisements on our partner websites. This product was very well received and we’ve actually placed it in three different spots on our partner’s sites.

For this campaign, we took all three spots and embedded the entire campaign page together with streaming live footage right on to the site.

You wouldn’t believe the results:  the first hour generated $18,000 in trackable donations!

This particular cause was really, really good and the fact that our original strategy wasn’t working was very telling – it was an issue with our strategy, not the cause itself. Thankfully, this new approach made all the difference and our less than $50,000 digital ad spend generated well over $500,000 in trackable donations.

I hope this case study inspires you spend the extra time planning your campaign – coming up with creative strategies, testing what works and what doesn’t, and being prepared to pivot based off the data you collect.

Chayale Kaufman is the CEO of the Jewish Content Network.

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