How to Set Up a New Advertising Campaign on JCN

Watch below for a visual tutorial on how to set up an advertising campaign using the JCN.

Would you like to feature your business on a network with over 10 million impressions every month?

Would you like to promote your video, article, or blog post on some of the biggest Jewish websites?

With the Jewish Content Network, you can. Our easy to use platform allows you to start running an ad campaign in minutes, choose what sites you want to appear on, and track your ad’s performance. The Jewish content network is the most affordable, efficient, and effective way to advertise to a Jewish audience.

For advertisers, sponsored content has grown more popular in the past few years as a way to combat low conversion rates on banner ads and engage consumers with richer content experiences.
As the quality, relevance, and reader value of branded content (typically in the form of advertorials, video or podcasts with the publication’s look and feel), has continually improved, so has consumer acceptance and response.

Creating an ad – 2:18
Adding a budget – 5:28
Deciding where your ad should appear – 6:17
Scheduling your ad – 7:01
Checking your stats – 8:10