Growing Your Business with WhatsApp: Part II

Last week’s article on marketing with WhatsApp click to chat was met with resounding success.

Many people resonated with the ease in which people can start a conversation with your business, and have started implementing it in their own marketing strategy.

A WhatsApp message offers a very low barrier to entry for a potential client to reach you, and yet provides you with a powerful starting point for follow up – their phone number and their interest. A WhatsApp conversation is human, informal and very convenient, so it’s no surprise that this tactic is taking off.

Case Study

One advertiser who is using this strategy with great success, is Refund Sniper. Refund Sniper helps Amazon sellers get refunds from the company for lost inventory. Since implementing the new click to chat experience in the ads on the Jewish Content Network, they’ve seen increased conversions, as compared to simply linking to their site.

Their pre-written message was simple, and immediately resulted in increased interest in their services:

Hi! I’d like to find out how to get money back from Amazon. Tell me more.


Why not try something like this for your business?

Building the widget

There’s even a platform that makes it easy for you to create your own widget. Just visit wassmee.us and type in the number you’d like people to message, along with the prewritten message you’d like visitors to see when they click to the page.

Write something short, that makes it easy for people to write without having to add anything themselves.


Adding this new widget to the dashboard on the Jewish Content Network is equally easy. In your campaign, just upload a picture, a headline, and the link to this new WhatsApp widget. You could potentially start generating leads without having a site or a landing page!

As always, we recommend an image with no graphics from a site like Pixabay, and a catchy headline that gets people to click through. Some ideas include “Find out how Our Business can solve Your Problem”, or “Business Name is changing the way people Deal With Problem. Find out more”

Ready to start advertising your new WhatsApp click to chat widget on the Jewish Content Network? Use this click to chat WhatsApp widget to chat with us.