Creative Advertising When Adapting to COVID

We recently ran a campaign for a music teacher.

His business had been established around visiting people’s houses and teaching piano and keyboard to children in person.

When the pandemic made this impossible, he adapted. He created pre-recorded video courses to teach the same lesson plans on a  subscription and membership project.

He came to us with a relatively low budget of a few thousands dollars, but he was very clear on what he needed. He didn’t need to be “everywhere”. He needed to reach a certain type of parent, from a certain demographic.

We ran a campaign for him that was entirely based around content – all articles and sponsored posts to inform his potential clients. There was not a banner ad to be seen.

He had spent the time creating a good product, and planning the right supporting content and material to educate his customers. He capitalized on an emerging need in the market. And his campaign did very well.  He got a lot of positive feedback from his campaign, and was able to effectively launch an entirely new business model – and a passive-income membership one at that – using just strategic digital advertising.

We’re seeing this more and more: the better the content you create for your campaign, the more results you’ll see. Banner ads can be haphazardly thrown together, but often times they are just “background music”. The icing on the cake.

How can you create great content for your business or mission that will have the most impact when you put money into promoting it?

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