Content Marketing: The Future of Marketing

Content marketing is fast become the only form of marketing.

The process of publishing quality content as a means of growing your business, was usually relegated to when you had some time to spare (and when does that ever happen, when you have your own business?). Businesses focused more on design, aesthetics, paid advertising.

Nowadays though, there’s such an overload of content, we are finding that the only way to stand out is by giving people sound advice and good tips, when they need it. Ironically, you can now become a guru without having a website – just by being there for people and giving them what they need, information-wise, when they need it.

It’s the companies that are focusing on strategic content marketing, not haphazardly posting occasionally, that will succeed. Whether it’s through articles, short videos, posting to social networks like Instagram, strategy is becoming more and more essential to a business’ success.

The upside of all this responsibility is that if you first make a point of letting people enjoy your content and learn from you, when they do reach out to you they’ll be better, more qualified leads. Content marketing allows you to build trust with people before they even know you, to present yourself as an expert on a public platform.

Publishing quality content allows you to transition from a vendor – a mechanism designed to extract money from client’s pockets, to a partner – someone who they trust to deliver value to them. As a vendor, someone can always come along and charge less for what you’re doing. It’s the relationships you build that will build a long lasting business founded on relationships and trust.

Even yeshivas and organizations are understanding this trend. We’re seeing more and more events being promoted with five-part promos leading up to the event. The recognize the need to present themselves as 2019 ready, harnessing content and technology to its full potential.

This articles series is just such an example from the Jewish Content Network. We’re committed to our clients success. We know that the more they understand about marketing and the latest technology trends, the better their campaigns will be. Our client’s success is our success, and we work to proactively and regularly bring this content to our readers.

Which brings me to distribution. Again, it used to be that companies just created content and haphazardly threw it onto the interwebs. This won’t do in today’s day and age. Distributing your content needs to be a core part of your strategy – understanding where your content consumers are, and how to reach them regularly.

At the Jewish Content Network, we’ve built a robust system of getting content in front of readers. Whether it’s articles, ads, or social media posts, we can deliver the views. But we find that it’s the clients who invest first in content, in readership, and don’t jump straight to the “buy now” call to action, are the ones who are most successful in the long run.

Because nowadays, marketing is no longer about views and buzz, it’s about education and relationships.

Looking to build a solid content marketing strategy for your business? We’d love to hear your ideas and see how we can maximize the returns on your efforts. Get in touch!

Chayale Kaufman is the Founder of the Jewish Content Network. Always on the lookout for latest digital marketing trends, Chayale aims to help businesses expand their presence and grow their business in the digital world.